Beljekali Top Flight


Sire:  p.E. Brendo de Bruine Buck   Dam:  Je M’Appelle Livia

DOB 16.12.06

Bridget copy 1

Je M'Appelle Livia, Beljekali’s newest Finish import and what a bonus her coming out in whelp to pE Brendo de Bruine Buck, a magnificent son of one of my all time favourite Groenendaels, s.r. CH Rival de la Fureur du Crépuscule.


Type, elegance, health, character and full dentition……...

what more could you ask for!!


Proudly welcoming my Livia and Brendo daughter,

our lovely dark haired beauty, Bridget!


Huge thanks to my wonderful friends, Craig and Julie Fynmore of Beljekali Belgians for allowing this gorgeous and fun loving girl to share her home with me.




October 2007 Beljekali Top Flight (1) copyBeljekali Top Flight (2) copyBeljekali Top Flight (3) copyBeljekali Top Flight (4) copy

September 2007 Bridget 210907 5Bridget 210907 3Bridget 210907Bridget 210907 10Bridget 230907Bridget 230907 1

 17th March 2007 Bridget%20170307%204Bridget%20170307%201Bridget%20170307%203Bridget%20170307%205Bridget%20170307%207Bridget%20170307%208Bridget 170307 10

4th March 2007Bridget_4_March07_3Bridget_4_March07_4Bridget and Honey 050307

at 7 & half weeks...

at 6 weeks ~ always the cheeky one!  :^)


at 4 & half weeks...

on Day 21...

Photos courtesy Beljekali Belgians