Beljekali Yelaina

DOB:  6th February 2018

Hips: 3.3 Elbows: 0.0 Eyes Clear


Lainey, our stunning grey girl, possessing great construction, gorgeous head and a lovely harmonious silhouette.  Radiating type and quality with multi class in show awards to her credit, Lainey just  keeps improving as she matures.

Lainey Oct 20.jpg


Lainey Oct 20 1.jpgLainey Oct 20 head 1.jpg

Lainey Sept 19 head 1.jpgLainey Sept 19.jpgLainey Sept 19 Aust bred BSDCNSW champ.jpg

Lainey May 18 1.jpgLainey May 18 3.jpgLainey April 18 1.jpg

Lainey April 18 4.jpgLainey April 18.jpg



Supreme Ch Beljekali I go where Hugo

Hips: 0:1 Elbows 0:0 Eyes Clear 4.17

FANDANGO du Bois du Tôt  

Hips: A

High Clearings 

Hips: A

sr BLING BLING du Bois du

Hips: A

Supreme Ch Beljekali Quintessence

Hips: 0:0 Elbows 0:0 Eyes Clear

Ch Aldo Gourou van de Schagerwaard 

Hips 0:1 Elbows 0:0 Eyes: Normal

Beljekali Madame Kirri  

Hips 0:3 Elbows 0:0 Eyes: Normal


 Ch Beljekali Ring my Belle

Hips: 0:2 Elbows 0:0 Eyes Clear 12.17

Blg Ch Van de Pillendijk Jambon 

Hips: A

Grimmendans Grimaldi 

Hips: A

Van de Pillendyk Haav 

Hips: A2

CH Beljekali Yasaira (AI) 

Hips: 0:1 Elbows 0:0 Eyes Clear

CH Revloch Ready To Rumble with Nulikim – Premier Agility

Supreme CH Beljekali Quintessence 

 Hips: 0:0 Elbows 0:0 Eyes Clear