Graebelge ‘P’ litter – born 18th September 2013

5 boys and 3 girls – Chilli and babies all doing well

Graebelge Love to Win

Hips 0.0 Elbows 0.0

Eyes Clear 15.03.2013

Chilli 27012013 1.jpgchilli 3 July13.jpgchilli 7 July13.jpg

The Dam:  Chilli is a friendly energetic girl who enjoys life to the fullest! With harmonious lines and a beautiful silhouette,  Chilli  combines the best qualities of her sire ‘Topaz’ (Erlander Uzette Topaz) and her dam, the beautiful ‘Laurie’ (Ch Graeshadow Bacall), a successful show and brood bitch in her own right.   Chilli possesses an exceptional character, good construction, nice movement and a beautiful, inquisitive expression and personality to match, she is fun to live with and reminds us every day just how special ‘Belgians’ are!!    Chilli is a great match for Ra in type and temperament and we are very excited and look forward to seeing these puppies grow.

Fauvetnor Dream Weaver

Hips 1.2 Elbows 0.0

Eyes Clear June 2013

ra head small.jpgra4close.jpgrara5 tyre.jpg

The Sire:   Ra is an elegant, handsome dog, with a strong but willing character.  Like his father, ICH, HJCH, HCH, HSCH, SKCH, ÖCH. pe. S.R. CH BIS AMPER ORIDIX, IPO I, JD, AD, TAN+, CSAU, Ra has a rich red coat, classic head with a great expression, lovely dark eyes and gorgeous well placed ears.   Ra epitomizes what a ‘Belgian male’ should be combining elegance, strength, harmony and workability without being ‘coarse’ or over exaggerated. A delightful dog to live with, full of spunk, attitude and an eagerness to ‘please’ in everything he does.  Unfortunately  Ra  has not been shown in the conformation ring due to his owner preference for working disciplines however, there is no doubt this boy would most certainly follow in his father’s footsteps in that field if given the opportunity.   Ra has great aptitude for obedience and working disciplines and is currently at level 4 Obedience and attends schutzhund classes.  Clearly this ability has been passed on from his father,  ICH CH PE Sr. Amper Oridix CSAU TAN+ (Imp Czk Rp) IPO1 JD AD – who formed part of the Hungarian National Champion Agility Team in 2004 and who placed 1st at the 2009 Royal Easter Show Excellent 'Jumping' and 3rd in 'Excellent' level Agility – a massive achievement!!!

Special thanks to Christine Powell, and the Belgnte Gang for allowing us access to this awesome dog and Cornelia Spelt.


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Chilli x Ra 19092013 resting puppy web.jpgChilli x Ra 19092013 Chilli and babies 1web.jpgChilli x Ra 19092013 Chilli and babies web .jpgChilli x Ra 19092013 cleaning baby web .jpgChilli x Ra 19092013 head near foot web.jpgChilli x Ra 19092013 No no leave me alone web.jpgChilli x Ra 19092013 puppies web .jpgChilli x Ra 19092013 puppies web.jpgChilli x Ra 19092013 puppy lying web.jpg


Chilli x Ra before web.jpgChilli x Ra 18092013 first boys web.jpgChilli x Ra 18092013 Chilli having a drink web.jpgChilli x Ra 18092013 still wet web.jpgChilli x Ra 18092013 nice and dry web.jpgChilli x Ra 18092013 whole family web.jpg

First photo - 13.8.2013

Chilli scan.jpg