Graebelge French Toast

D.O.B. 7th September 1998

Our gorgeous girl Toastie is having a wonderful time living with Gordon and Jenny. Undivided attention, long walks down the beach, new toys to play with, a couch to share . What more could a girl ask for??


 Lutin de la Grande Lande

Ares de la Clairiere aux Louves

RE Swan du Pays D'Astree

Thalie du Puits D'Ombelle

Fara de la Grande Lande

Duc Dobbe de la Douce Plaine

Cannelle du Perigord Vert

Lanaken Midnight Lace

Hips(3.4) Elbows (1.1)

 Blg Ch Prince Van't Sparrebos (Imp Blg) A

s.r. Ch Millo van de Hoge Laer

Nanette van de Hoge Laer

Imola de la Douce Plaine (Imp Frn) A

R.E. Bellman du Perigord Vert

Cheba de la Douce Plaine



Having fun at the beach

A wolf in sheep's clothing!!


Berwick All Breeds Kennel Club

21st February 1999

Mr. J Wishart

Best Baby Puppy in Group 5


Easter Festival Kennel Club

4th April 1999

Mr. K. Iggleden (Qld)

Best Minor Puppy in Group 5