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Groenendael Litters 2019

Hugo 5 years.jpg

Hips:0.0 Elbows:0.1 Eyes normal


4 boys - 3 girls - all Groenendael - DOB 07.08.2019

Our gorgeous Peachy (BISS Ch Graebelge Oracle (AI) has been bred to the handsome Jax (Ch Beljekali Groove Like Jaxson). Both Peachy and Jax are proven producers having produced stunning babies with beautiful breed type, fantastic movement and construction, lovely natures, gorgeous heads and expression, we expect no less from this litter. The pedigree includes some of the most gorgeous dogs in Europe and we are looking forward to seeing these puppies.


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Fury 18092015 12.jpg

Hips: 0.0 Elbows: 0.0 Eyes Clear 25.7.17

Sunny Dec 2018.jpg

Hips: 1.1 Elbows: 0.0


6 boys - 2 girls - all Groenendael - DOB 27.07.2019

Our stunning Zoe (RuBISS Ch Graebelge Uptown Girl) has been bred to the superb Sunny (BIS BISS Ch Beljekali Sunny One so True). Sunny and Zoe complement each other beautifully, fabulous type, outstanding movement and construction, gorgeous heads and delightful expressions. Although only young they have excelled in the show ring and will continue to do so as they mature. Combining some of the best bloodlines in the world these puppies are sure to be stunning.


Early bookings recommended.


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Hips: 3.1 Elbows: 0.0 Eyes clear 2.4.19


As always, Graebelge Belgians continue to work in co-operation with other like-minded breeders of Belgian Shepherds, aiming for the improvement of the breed in Australia by breeding the true Belgian character, health and type with no compromise.


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Whilst constantly endeavouring to produce perfection we are realistic enough to allow there is no perfect dog (except in the eyes of their owners of courseJ). We spend many hours planning, assessing and deliberating in an effort to produce the best that is possible with the breeding stock available today. Whether for showing, breeding, obedience, agility, tracking, herding or companionship, Graebelge Belgians possess the attributes required to enable them to excel in their owners chosen pursuit, to this end we have our Belgians live with us in and around the house not isolated and locked up in kennels for the majority of their life. Living with, training and working our Belgians in a variety of venues enables us to truly and objectively assess their strengths and weaknesses in terms of temperament, type and health as well as enjoying their company.


As a basic breeding requirement all Graebelge dogs are x-rayed and scored for both elbows and hips, we prefer to wait until our dogs are at least 18mths to ensure that the results are accurate rather x-raying at a 12mths just to get a good score. We eye test all our dogs and as eye tests in Australia are only valid for 12 months, prior to mating, all our breeding stock is now tested and certified under ACES by qualified ophthalmologists, as we believe only then can you use the terms, "Free of Inherited Eye Disease", "Eyes Clear" or "Eyes Normal" with any validity. We ensure our dogs are fit both mentally and physically before we will consider using them in our breeding program. We utilise our extensive experience and knowledge to produce healthy, well tempermented and typical Belgian Shepherds to share your life.


Our breeding girls are whelped in our home, situated on 40 acres in Gippsland, comfortably secure in their own surroundings and enjoying all the benefits of clean country living. All Graebelge puppies, which are born and raised in our home, are extensively socialised from birth to ensure they develop into happy, well-adjusted adults. Early neurological stimulation, temperament testing, exposure to various stimuli too numerous to individually mention, are all part of our puppies development to maximise their natural potential and match the right puppy to the most suitable home. Our primary consideration for all our dogs is always to provide a forever loving home whether it is one of our carefully screened homes or with us. All our pups are registered with Dogs Victoria, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed prior to leaving for their new homes, and come with a complete information pack and lifetime support.


We strongly recommend that you visit the breeder's premises rather than meet somewhere or at a friend's place, to ensure that the puppy that you are bringing into your home is brought up in the best manner possible. It is easy to write misleading statements on the web or FB so you really need to research breeders carefully and select the ones that really care about how their puppies are brought up, you don't want to inadvertently be supporting immoral and unethical breeders.


All details of our health results are freely available on our webpage, copies available on request.