Lanaken Mad About You (iid) (4.7)

DOB: 2nd April 1996


My first Malinois bitch, Maddie just loves people. In fact, she loves people so much, quite often she sends them flying when she launches herself at them for pats. Unfortunately she didnít fit in with my pack of Tervs so we rehomed her with Rick and Kay Korn.


 Ger Ndl Wld Eur & Lux Ch Qu'rack van Balderlo (Imp Blg) A

Gawrain du Maugre

Ajax du Maugre

Belle Du Maugre

Mira van Balderlo

Kyno van Balderlo

Laik van Balderlo

Roulette van Balderlo

Hermes de la Terre aimee

Iago du Maugre

Alma de la Terre Aimee

Pamh van Balderlo

Otto van Balderlo

Olympia van Balderlo