Puppies have arrived 29th April 2011



Erlander Uzette Topaz

Hips 2.1 Elbows 0.1
ACES Certificate - Eyes clear: 18th February 2011

Seizure free


Topaz is an elegant male with a magnificent rich red coat, harmonious silhouette, lovely dark eye and a typical Belgian expression.


blinksThe Parents blinks
Laurie Topaz


Ch Graeshadow Bacall

Hips 4.2 Elbows 0.0 
ACES Certificate - Eyes Clear 6th August 2010

Seizure free



Laurie is our lovely Yodie daughter.  She has a great character with a gorgeous head and expression.  A multi class in Specialty show winner who has been always been graded excellent by specialist judges.

The puppies have arrived and all is well!

4 boys and 4 girls-  all red  - weighing between 360g and 450g


 For Laurie’s last litter we have decided to repeat the stunning and successful ‘Just’ litter born in 2009.  The ‘Just’ litter inherited the best of both parents, producing energetic and versatile Belgians with gorgeous expressions, excellent breed type, wonderful working ability and friendly effervescent characters, able to perform in any arena as well as being wonderful companions and family pets. 

Both ‘Ella’ - Graebelge Just Super and ‘Jinks’ - Graebelge Just Is, have excelled in the show ring always being graded excellent by international judges with ‘Ella’ winning multi class in show awards along the way.  Ella is currently working towards her titles in conformation, DWD, agility, obedience and is showing great promise.





18th June 2011 – 7 weeks 1 day

L litter green girl 18062011.jpgL litter lt blue boy 18062011.jpgL litter lt blue boy 18062011 4.jpgL litter lt blue boy 18062011 5.jpgL litter pink girl 18062011.jpgL litter pink girl 18062011 1.jpg

L litter 18062011 6.jpgL litter black boy 18062011 2.jpg

16th June 2011 – 6 weeks 6 days

L litter 16062011.jpgL litter 16062011 2.jpgL litter 16062011 3.jpgL litter green girl 16062011.jpg

4th June 2011 – 5 weeks 1 day

L litter 04062011 black boy.jpgL litter 04062011 pink girl.jpgL litter 04062011 puppy sleeping.jpg

3rd June 2011 – 5 weeks

L litter Laurie and pups 03062011.jpgL litter red girl and black boy 03062011 1.jpgL litter black boy 03062011.jpgL litter lt blue boy 03062011.jpg

L litter orange girl 03062011.jpgL litter pink girl 03062011 1.jpgL litter purple boy 03062011.jpgL litter red girl 03062011.jpgL litter red girl 03062011 1.jpg

24th May 2011 – 25 days

L litter 24052011 5.jpgL litter 24052011.jpgL litter 24052011 1.jpgL litter 24052011 2.jpgL litter 24052011 3.jpgL litter 24052011 4.jpg

L litter black boy 24052011.jpgL litter blue boy 24052011.jpgL litter blue boy 24052011 1.jpgL litter blue boy asleep 24052011.jpgL litter Laurie and green girl 24052011 1.jpg

L litter Laurie and green girl 24052011 3.jpgL litter Laurie and pink girl 24052011.jpgL litter lt blue boy 24052011.jpgL litter lt blue boy 24052011 1.jpgL litter pink girl 24052011.jpg

L litter red girl 24052011.jpgL litter red girl 24052011 2.jpgL litter red girl 24052011 3.jpg

23rd May 2011 – 24 days

L litter red girl 23052011 1.jpgL litter 23052011.jpgL litter 23052011 1.jpgL litter lt blue 23052011.jpgL litter red girl 23052011.jpg

22nd May 2011 – 23 days

L litter purple boy and orange girl 22052011.jpgL litter 22052011.jpgL litter blue boy 22052011.jpgL litter lt blue boy 22052011.jpgL litter orange girl 22052011.jpgL litter pink girl 22052011.jpg

19th May 2011 – 20 days

L litter lt blue boy 19052011 1.jpgL litter laurie surrounded 19052011 1.jpgL litter little wombat 19052011.jpgL litter lt blue boy 19052011.jpg

18th May 2011 – 19 days

L litter 18052011.jpgL litter 18052011 1.jpgL litter black boy 18052011.jpgL litter black boy playing 18052011.jpgL litter green girl 18052011.jpgL litter red and pink girls 18052011.jpg

16th May 2011 – 17 days

L litter laurie and babies 16052011.jpgL litter 16052011.jpgL litter little feet 16052011 1.jpg

9th May 2011 – 10 days

L litter black boy 09052011.jpgL litter black boy 09052011 1.jpgL litter blue boy 09052011.jpgL litter blue boy 09052011 3.jpgL litter blue boy 09052011 2.jpgL litter blue boy 09052011 1.jpg

L litter red girl 09052011.jpgL litter multi green girl 09052011.jpgL litter multi green girl 09052011 1.jpgL litter multi green girl 09052011 2.jpgL litter orange girl 09052011.jpg

L litter orange girl 09052011 1.jpgL litter orange girl 09052011 2.jpgL litter pink girl 09052011.jpgL litter pink girl 09052011 1.jpgL litter pink girl 09052011 2.jpg

L litter purple boy 09052011.jpgL litter purple boy 09052011 1.jpgL litter purple boy 09052011 2.jpgL litter purple boy 09052011 3.jpgL litter purple boy 09052011 4.jpg

30th April 2011

L litter 30042011 13.jpgL litter 30042011 12.jpgL litter 30042011 9.jpgL litter 30042011 1.jpgL litter 30042011 2.jpg

L litter 30042011 3.jpgL litter 30042011 5.jpgL litter 30042011 6.jpgL litter 30042011.jpgL litter 30042011 7.jpg

L litter 30042011 8.jpgL litter 30042011 10.jpgL litter 30042011 11.jpgL litter 30042011 14.jpg

29th April 2011

Laurie and pups 29042011.jpgL litter 29042011.jpgL litter 2 29042011.jpg

27th April 2011

Laurie before 27042011.jpgLaurie before 1 27042011.jpg

First photos 23-3-2011