Born 21st January 2009



Erlander Uzette Topaz

Hips 2.1 Elbows 0.1
ACES Certificate - Eyes clear: 18th February 2011

Seizure free


Topaz is an elegant male with a magnificent rich red coat, harmonious silhouette, lovely dark eye and a typical Belgian expression.


blinksThe Parents blinks
Laurie Topaz


Ch Graeshadow Bacall

Hips 4.2 Elbows 0.0 
ACES Certificate - Eyes Clear 6th August 2010

Seizure free



Laurie is our lovely Yodie daughter.  She has a great character with a gorgeous head and expression.  A multi class in Specialty show winner who has been always been graded excellent by specialist judges.



We welcome the safe arrival of our ‘J’ litter and look forward to them fulfilling all our expectations.  2 boys and 5 girls - weighing between 300gms and 400gms.

These babies have fantastic characters and are just gorgeous.


Click on their names for their individual pages:

Graebelge Just Super

Graebelge Just Is





Jinks 050909

 Jinks 050909.jpg

Ella 15th August 2009

Ella.jpgElla head 2 copy.jpgElla head 3.jpgElla head copy 150809.jpgElla sitting 150809.jpgElla standing 150809.jpgElla standing 150809 2.jpgElla standing 150809 4.jpgElla standing front on 150809.jpg

BSDCQ Specialty, 6th June 2009

Judge: Amanda McLaren, Corsini, UK

ast018Ella’ wins Baby Puppy in Showast018

Laurie x Topaz Purple Girl 12wks2

Graebelge Just Super, owned by Sarah Trembath 


18th May 2009 – Ella

Ella 180509 2Ella%20180509Ella%20180509%201

26th April 2009 – Jinks

Laurie x Topaz Red girl Jinks 260409 2Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Red%20girl%20Jinks%20260409Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Red%20girl%20Jinks%20260409%201

8th April 2009 – Missy

Laurie x Topaz Grey girl Missy 080409 4Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Grey%20girl%20Missy%20080409Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Grey%20girl%20Missy%20080409%201Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Grey%20girl%20Missy%20080409%202Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Grey%20girl%20Missy%20080409%203

16th April 2009

Laurie x Topaz Purple Girl 12wks3Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Purple%20Girl%2012wksLaurie%20x%20Topaz%20Purple%20Girl%2012wks2Laurie x Topaz Green Boy 12wks5Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Blue%20Boy%2012wksLaurie%20x%20Topaz%20Blue%20Boy%2012wks2Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Blue%20Boy%2012wks3Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Green%20Boy%2012wks4

Laurie x Topaz Yellow Girl 12wks2Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Yellow%20Girl%2012wks

13th April 2009 - Jinks

Laurie x Topaz Red girl 130409 2Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Red%20girl%20130409%203Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Red%20girl%20130409%204Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Red%20girl%20130409Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Red%20girl%20130409%201 

4th April 2009 – Jazz

 Laurie x Topaz Pink girl Jazz 040409 1Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Pink%20girl%20Jazz%20040409

18th March 2009 - Jazz

Laurie x Topaz Pink girl 180309 3Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Pink%20girl%20180309Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Pink%20girl%20180309%201Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20Pink%20girl%20180309%202 

14th March 2009

Laurie x Topaz litter yellow girl 140309 13Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20litter%20140309Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20litter%20140309%201Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20litter%20140309%202Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20litter%20140309%203Laurie%20x%20Topaz%20litter%20140309%204



8th March 2009

The boys

Lauries puppies blue boy 080309Lauries puppies blue boy side 080309Lauries puppies green boy front 080309Lauries puppies green boy 080309

The girls

Lauries puppies grey girl front 080309Lauries puppies grey girl 080309Lauries puppies pink girl front 080309Lauries puppies pink girl 080309Lauries puppies purple girl front 080309Lauries puppies purple girl 080309

Lauries puppies red girl front 080309Lauries puppies red girl 080309Lauries puppies yellow girl front 080309Lauries puppies yellow girl 080309

Lauries puppies pup sleeping 080309Lauries puppies sleeping 080309Lauries puppies yellow girl sleeping 080309Lauries puppies yellow girl sleeping 1 080309