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explodec.gif  New litter plans 2020 explodec.gif

G Wild One Druid 21032020 copy.jpgG Wild One Druid head 21032020.jpg

Graebelge Wild Thing

Hips 2.2  Elbows 1.1

Eyes clear 31.3.2020

Tervueren litter Mid 2020

Graebelge Wild Thing and Graebelge You Belong to Me (AI)


Our gorgeous Tiani will be bred to the handsome Druid, both have great breed type and construction, lovely heads and expression with wonderful friendly characters. Although this will be a first litter for both Druid and Tiani, we expect them to produce lovely friendly babies with beautiful breed type.  Their pedigrees include gorgeous dogs from both here in Australia and from Europe and we are looking forward to seeing these puppies grow and develop.




Early bookings recommended.




Graebelge You Belong to Me Tiani 14112019 3 copy.jpgGraebelge You Belong to Me Tiani 14112019 copy.jpg

Graebelge You Belong To Me

Hips 1.1  Elbows 0.0

Eyes clear 18.3.2020

Sunny moving May 2019.jpg

Hips:1.1 Elbows: 0.0

Eyes Clear

Groenendael litter Mid to late 2020

Sunny (Multi BIS & BISS Ch Beljekali Sunny One so True) X Storm (Graebelge Unique Design)



We loved our A1 litter so decided to use Sunny over Storm as they complement each other beautifully, fabulous type, outstanding movement and construction, gorgeous heads and delightful expressions.  Sunny has already produced fantastic offspring and whilst this is a first litter for Storm we expect her babies to be just as gorgeous as her sister's.  Combining some of the best bloodlines in the world these puppies are sure to be stunning with fabulous characters.

 This litter is almost a repeat of our A1 litter with Storm (Graebelge Unique Design) being Zoe's (RuBISS Ch Graebelge Uptown Girl) sister.  Storm lives with Andrew and Liz and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to include her in our breeding program.


Early bookings recommended.




Photos and health details coming



Breeders, owners, exhibitors and importers of quality
Tervueren and Groenendael
Graebelge logo.gif

Co-owner of both

Allusion Belgian Shepherds and

Graeshadow Belgian Shepherds

Camila and Richard Hrymek

P.O. Box 72

Bunyip VictoriaAustralia

Tel no:  0417161770


We live approximately 1.5 hrs drive from Melbourne, on what is affectionately called the swamp, in an old farmhouse on 40 acres where our Belgian Shepherds have plenty of room to run and play - and they love it!!!  Our first Belgian Shepherds were Tervuerens, Wolf and his sister Foxie back in 1985, and although both are now waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge they were the start of my obsession with this lovely breed.
Though Tervuerens are my first love, I do appreciate gorgeous Groenendaels too, so usually have a token Groenendael amongst the Tervueren pack.  We breed selectively for excellence in type, temperament, health and structure, breeding for quality rather than quantity and occasionally have Tervueren and Groenendael puppies available.


Dogs VIC Member - 3009923570
Please contact Dogs VIC on email: to verify my membership.

PER Source Number : RB102962

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